Introductory Data Science and Big Data Courses

  • Introduction to Big Data for Business Managers

  • Introduction to Big Data Technologies for IT Managers

  • Introduction to Data Science for Business Analysts

  • Introduction to Data Science for Senior Executives

  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics

  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis with R

  • Introduction to NoSQL and Polyglot Persistency

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Data Visualization

  • Introduction to Recommender Systems

  • Introduction to Hadoop 2.0 Stack: HDFS, YARN, Hive and HBase

  • Introduction to real-time streaming with Storm, Spark & Samza

  • Introduction to Apache Spark

  • An introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis with R and Python

  • Introduction to Cassandra

  • Introduction to MongoDB

Advanced Data Science and Big Data Courses

  • Enterprise Architecture, Integration and Big Data

  • Data Science for Developers

  • Advanced Machine Learning

  • Advanced Python and R  for Data Analysis

  • Computational Statistics

  • Hadoop 2.0 Data Analysis

  • Functional Programming for Data Analysis: Clojure and F#

  • Developing Enterprise Big Data Applications and Data Products

  • Special Topics in Data Science

Hands-On Data Science and Big Data Workshops

Data Science and Big Data Seminars

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